Borrowing System


Q: How to borrow books?
A: To borrow books you have to Fill THIS FORM then come to our office with an ID.

Q: How long I can keep a book?
A: you can keep a book for a duration of 7 Days, but for instructors only 10 Days.
Q: What if I didn't finish the book in 10 days?
A: You can extend the duration by coming to our office and requesting a new duration of 10 days.

Q: What happens if i don't bring the book back to American corner?
A: If you didn't bring back the book in its time you should pay 1000 IQD for each day. If you lost the book, you have to pay triple time of the book's price. You can buy the same book and bring it back, but still you have to pay 5000 IQD. By not respecting the borrowing rules, your name formally will be sent to your faculty or place of work.

Q: Which kind of books can be found in American Corner's library?
A: We have variety of books that you can find click this link to browse them.

The Same Questions applies to other available stuff that can be borrowed

If you have more questions please consider contacting us by clicking on the contact us tap.