1. Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity and is intended to promote goodness or improve human quality of life. In return, this activity can produce a feeling of self-worth and respect. There is no financial gain involved for the individual.
  2. We have three levels for being a volunteer in American Corner. Volunteers can achieve levels by participating more in activities and spending more time working in the office. The three volunteer levels are:  
  3. 1- VIP Volunteer: To be a VIP Volunteer you have to participate in all activities and help in any available work with a month of volunteering. 
  4. 2- Advanced volunteer:To be an Advanced Volunteer you have to at least achieve a 25 Hours of work in the office + you have to achieve 3-4 assigned work.
  5. 3- Active volunteer: To be a Active Volunteer you have to at least achieve a 10 Hours of work in the office + you have to achieve 2 assigned work.
  6. Note: To apply for volunteering you have to be 18+ Years old.

    1. _____________ VIP VOLUNTEERS __________________________________________________________________________________________    
                Name: Al-Ameen Azad Al-Jabbari         
                Status : ACTIVE since MAY                     
                Place of Work/Study : Student at AUIS
                      Email: [email protected]
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